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Eptinezumab Phase 3 Trial Shows Long-Term Migraine Reduction

New twelve-month data from a phase 3 clinical trial of eptinezumab in episodic migraine patients has been released. The results show that patients experienced even further reductions in migraine following the third and fourth quarterly infusions at both dose levels (100mg and 300mg) of the drug, Alder’s lead investigational product candidate for migraine prevention targeting […]

Fremanezumab Reduces Frequency Of Migraine Headaches

Fremanezumab, a humanized monoclonal antibody, cuts the frequency of migraine headaches, a study of the new long-acting drug showed. The phase III HALO clinical trial evaluated the efficacy, safety and tolerability of two subcutaneous dose regimens of fremanezumab for the preventive treatment of chronic migraine. Teva Pharmaceutical Industries, the company developing the drug, hopes for […]

Are Migraines A Neuroprotective Response to Oxidative Stress?

A new theory about migraine attacks being proposed is that they are an integrated mechanism by which the brain protects and repairs itself. Previous research suggests that people who experience migraines have higher levels of oxidative stress. Jonathan Borkum, PhD, of the University of Maine, notes that migraine triggers — including stress, sleep disruption, noise, […]