metabolic syndrome

It is obvious to anyone who likes bacon or potato chips that salty foods make you thirsty. But in the long term, you actually become less thirsty because your body starts to conserve and produce more water, a surprising new study has found. The counter-intuitive finding, by scientists at Vanderbilt University and in Germany, could… Read more

Fat shaming, in which overweight individuals are stereotyped as unattractive, lazy, incompetent, and to blame for their condition, may take it’s toll on health. It could actually increase the risk of cardiovascular and metabolic disease, according to a new study led by a research team at the University of Pennsylvania. Team leader Rebecca Pearl, PhD… Read more

Personally, I need breakfast. Almost every morning, I wake up early feeling hungry, and it’s only once I banish my morning hunger that I’m ready to fire. By mid-morning, I take a break and enjoy a snack. I’ve used a personal anecdote because it’s likely that eating breakfast – or skipping it – may simply… Read more

Fructose powers a molecular machine that can lead to cardiac muscle buildup and heart failure, say researchers. “Walk through any supermarket and take a look at the labels on food products, and you’ll see that many of them contain fructose, often in the form of sucrose (table sugar),” says professor Wilhelm Krek ofETH Zurich’s Institute… Read more