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Open Monitoring Meditation Could Help People Become Less Error Prone

If you are forgetful or make mistakes when in a hurry, a new study from Michigan State University — the largest of its kind to-date — found that meditation could help you to become less error-prone. The research tested how open monitoring meditation — a meditation type that focuses awareness on feelings, thoughts, or sensations […]

Mindfulness Meditation Changes How Fearful Memories Are Processed

Mindfulness meditation appears to help extinguish fearful associations, a team led by Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) researchers report. The study[1] demonstrated that mindfulness training is associated with distinctive engagement of a brain area known as the right supramarginal gyrus as well as hippocampal-cortical reorganization. “Mindfulness training may improve emotion regulation by changing the way our […]

Cellular Aging Blood Markers May Be Altered By Music And Meditation

A simple meditation or music listening program may alter certain biomarkers of cellular aging and Alzheimer’s disease in older adults who are experiencing memory loss, according to research led by Dr. Kim Innes, a professor in the West Virginia University School of Public Health. The findings also suggest these changes may be directly related to […]

Mindfulness Meditation Associated With Lower Amygdala Activation

Using functional magnetic resonance imaging, a new study shows differences in the brain’s emotional network in people who don’t meditate, people new to meditation, and people considered long-term meditators, who have thousands of lifetime experience with mindfulness meditation. Mental training such as mindfulness meditation – an accepting awareness of the present moment – has been […]