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Women Scientists Author Fewer Invited Commentaries In Medical Journals Than Men

Female scientists were 21% less likely to contribute invited commentaries to medical journals during a five-year period than males with similar scientific expertise, seniority, and publication metrics, indicates a new study led by researchers from Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health[1]. They found that the disparity was larger for women who were further progressed […]

What Can We Learn When A Clinical Trial Is Stopped?

Some medical experiments are more daunting than others. The one that neurologist Helen Mayberg came up with to test a model of depression she had developed over about 15 years involved drilling two holes in the top of a patient’s skull and sliding two low-voltage electrodes deep into the brain until they reached a region […]

Angiotensin Type 2 Receptor Structural Basis For Selectivity Revealed

Designing a new generation of drugs against an array of deadly diseases is a costly, arduous and often ineffective task. One of the central challenges is understanding a specific class of proteins on cell surfaces, which are the targets of the majority of pharmaceutical drugs. Now, using a device known as an X-ray free electron […]

COMPAS-PCR: A New Method For Amplifying DNA

A new method for replicating DNA in the lab, named COMPAS-PCR, short for COMplementary Primer Asymmetric PCR, has been developed by scientists at the Norwegian Institute for Water Research. Analyzing DNA is useful for a number of vital applications. This includes diagnosis and monitoring of diseases, identification of criminals, and studying the function of a […]