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What Can We Learn When A Clinical Trial Is Stopped?

Some medical experiments are more daunting than others. The one that neurologist Helen Mayberg came up with to test a model of depression she had developed over about 15 years involved drilling two holes in the top of a patient’s skull and sliding two low-voltage electrodes deep into the brain until they reached a region […]

Angiotensin Type 2 Receptor Structural Basis For Selectivity Revealed

Designing a new generation of drugs against an array of deadly diseases is a costly, arduous and often ineffective task. One of the central challenges is understanding a specific class of proteins on cell surfaces, which are the targets of the majority of pharmaceutical drugs. Now, using a device known as an X-ray free electron […]

COMPAS-PCR: A New Method For Amplifying DNA

A new method for replicating DNA in the lab, named COMPAS-PCR, short for COMplementary Primer Asymmetric PCR, has been developed by scientists at the Norwegian Institute for Water Research. Analyzing DNA is useful for a number of vital applications. This includes diagnosis and monitoring of diseases, identification of criminals, and studying the function of a […]

Phenanthridine PJ34 Causes Fast Cell Death During Cancer Cell Mitosis

Proteins that can be specifically modified during mitosis, the division process, to unleash an inherent death mechanism that self-eradicates duplicating cancer cells have been identified by researchers at Tel Aviv University. Many cancer patients struggle with the adverse effects of chemotherapy, still the most prescribed cancer treatment. For patients with pancreatic cancer and other aggressive […]