medical ethics

‘Spin’, defined as exaggerating the clinical significance of a particular treatment without the statistics to back it up, is discernible in more than half of clinical trial abstracts published in top psychology and psychiatry journals, a review of relevant research has found. The findings bring concerns about the possible effect this might be having on… Read more

Brain technologies are all the rage these days. Entrepreneurs are selling wearable devices in the open marketplace with claims of benefits to memory, attention and concentration. Neurosurgeons and psychiatrists are exploring new ways and further developing old invasive ones to intervene in the brains of people with major mental illnesses whose conditions are resistant to… Read more

On January 17 1803, a young man named George Forster was hanged for murder at Newgate prison in London. After his execution, as often happened, his body was carried ceremoniously across the city to the Royal College of Surgeons, where it would be publicly dissected. What actually happened was rather more shocking than simple dissection… Read more