medical ethics

This year, a Chinese patient known only as Mr Yan became a medical pioneer. He agreed to have electrodes surgically inserted into his brain, allowing his surgeon, by touching the screen of a simple tablet computer, to change the emotions that Yan feels. The treatment aims to help Yan conquer his methamphetamine addiction, but it… Read more

One day in February 2017, Michel Cadotte, 58, walked into his wife’s room at the long-term care institution where she was living to feed her lunch, a daily ritual for him. Jocelyne Lizotte, 60, his wife of 19 years, had battled Alzheimer’s disease for the past decade. But that day, as wrote: He cried… Read more

Female scientists were 21% less likely to contribute invited commentaries to medical journals during a five-year period than males with similar scientific expertise, seniority, and publication metrics, indicates a new study led by researchers from Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health[1]. They found that the disparity was larger for women who were further progressed… Read more

They call themselves dolls. These are cosmetic surgery patients who document their desires and results on Instagram, but only, most say, for other patients or prospective clients. They use names and hashtags that connect the work to their provider. So, for example, KathySmithDoll would be a woman who underwent surgery with a Dr. Kathy Smith… Read more