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Women in Chiropractics

While it appears that for men it is the athleticism that first drives them to pursue a career in chiropractic care, it appears that for women it is chiropractic medicine that inspires them to branch out and explore other avenues.

Perhaps it is the fact that the close study of an alternative form of medicine provides a certain personals strengthening, or maybe it is simply the idea that a person predisposed to work for the greater good of others already has an innermost strength that may drive her to seek out greater things, the women of he chiropractic field are no shrinking violets.

Suzanna Hupp

Take for example Suzanna Hupp who is a survivor of the Luby’s massacre. When in 1991 a former navy and merchant marine named George Hennard entered the cafeteria where Suzanna and her parents were having lunch, nobody suspected that this day would have lasting consequences.

Osteopathic Case Studies

One of the earliest case studies involving Osteopathy happened in 1918. During this time, there was a devastating influenza outbreak that caused the deaths of three million people worldwide. The average mortality rate for patients during the two years beginning in 1917 was between thirty and forty percent.

However, the hospitals in the US who employed Osteopaths had a mortality rate of less than one percent.

In the following paragraphs, you’ll see more examples of cases involving Osteopathic medicine. They are written as summaries of actual documented cases.