While there are many strategies to help you relax, massages are amongst those that are expressly designed to release stress. Massage uses various types of techniques to release tension pent up in the muscles of the body through a scientifically backed method of therapeutic touch and the massage therapist’s healing hands. There are many different… Read more

Oakworks Massage Table

Oakworks is known for its highly therapeutic and excellent massage tables. Oakworks massage tables have been helping soothe people since 1978. These tables are known for strength, durability and their versatility. These tables are extremely safe and meet all your requirements.

These tables come in various shapes and sizes and are quite economical . You can get Oakworks tables for as low as $299. They include stationary massage tables, known for their sheer simplicity. These are luxurious and can be used in spas also. These are available for $399. Even on the day that you think it might not work, Oakworks will continue to surprise you.

Using Aromatherapy in Massage

Aromatherapy massage can be a beneficial tool for individuals of all ages and health concerns. Essential oils used in aromatherapy massage can be comforting or used to release toxins and keep muscles supple.

One useful movement used in aromatherapy is “effleurage“, which is a series of gentle and soothing strokes that allow the essential oils to penetrate the skin, which in turn causes you to relax. In this type of movement the entire hand is used, not just the fingers.

The strokes are long or short, firm or gentle in a rhythmic motion that relaxes the muscles and nerve endings to help sooth stress and tension and also to increase circulation. The hands of the person ding the massage are to be firm.

Scalp Massages

Lupus Massage Therapy

For many, lupus can be a very painful disease to have. Depending on the severity, lupus may even disrupt a person’s life and leave them unable to perform everyday things that most people take for granted. Despite all of the medical advances made in the last quarter century, there still isn’t one medicine that can completely treat lupus.

However, there is lupus massage therapy, a very highly effective way of making lupus easier to live with. Not sure how massage therapy is beneficial to people who have lupus? You’ll learn more here.

What is Lupus?

Before we can delve into the benefits of lupus massage therapy, we must first discuss what lupus is. In basic terms, lupus is an autoimmune system disease. It chronically affects people.

Someone who has lupus may have inflammation, pain, and tissue damage throughout their body. That’s because lupus attacks the body’s own tissues as if they’re foreign substances. A person who has serious lupus may have problems with their heart, lungs, or blood cells.

Arthritis is something that millions of people have to deal with on a daily basis. Practically everyone who is past the age of 50 or 60 experiences arthritis. Even those who are just 20 or 30 may have arthritis.

It is a very painful thing, and despite all the medical advances of the past few decades, there still hasn’t been a significant improvement in the treatment of arthritis. There is, however, something that can really help with arthritis and that is massage therapy. Not sold on the benefits of massage for arthritis? You will be after reading on. What is Arthritis?

As you probably already know, arthritis is a condition in which the joints become painful to move. That’s due to the inflammation there. People with arthritis commonly have a hard time using the affected joint.