The extensive valley networks on the surface of Mars were probably created by running water billions of years ago, but the source of that water is unknown. Now researchers are using climate models to predict how greenhouse warming could have been the source. Says Natasha Batalha, a graduate student in astronomy and astrophysics at Penn… Read more

NASA is unveiling two new online tools on the three-year anniversary of the Mars landing of NASA’s Curiosity rover. The tools open the mysterious terrain of the Red Planet to a new generation of explorers, and invite the public to help with its journey to Mars. The first, Experience Curiosity allows viewers to journey along… Read more

NASA’s Curiosity Mars rover is currently busy checking out bedrock types on Mars’ Mount Sharp as well as getting ready for a drill test. But Curiosity stall has time to looking up regularly to monitor sunspots on the side of the sun facing away from Earth. Scientists temporarily have no other system for observing the… Read more

In what could be a clue to evidence of life on Mars, the discovery of traces of opal gemstones on the surface of the Red Planet, has been reported by researchers at the University of Glasgow in a new study. The opal was found in a 1.7-gram portion of the Martian meteorite called Nakhla, supplied… Read more

THe U.S.’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is setting out to engineer organisms that are capable of transforming the red planet from an alien inshospitable environment to an Earth-like planet fit for human survival. Lets hope the organisms are not some kind of evolved cockroaches. According to Vice Motherboard, DARPA’s goal of terraforming the… Read more