The top malaria treatment currently in use, called ART, is not as effective as it once was. Experts recently confirmed ART-resistant malaria in Southeast Asia. Now researchers are testing a hybrid drug that killed malaria strains grown in the laboratory as well as malaria parasites from patients in Thailand who were resistant to artemisinin combination… Read more

Scientists have made a major breakthrough in the global search for a new drug to beat the malaria parasite’s growing resistance to first defence treatments. The deadly mosquito-borne malaria parasite kills around 450,000 children every year. Resistance to the world’s most effective antimalarial drug, artemisinin, has developed in South-East Asia, with fears it will soon… Read more

Malaria is a killer that has spent thousands of years adapting to the habits of its victim. Although the first confirmed case of human malaria dates to 450 AD, a millennia and a half later, the world is still battling the parasite that causes this disease. Today at least 3.3 billion people, or almost half… Read more

Scientists testing a malaria vaccine in pregnant women made a surprising discovery that shows promise for treating cancer. When the team created the protein the malaria parasite uses to adhere to the placenta and added a toxin, they discovered that the protein is identical to a carbohydrate found in cancer cells. This combination of malaria… Read more

Determining Malaria Risk

The safest places to travel to avoid malaria are typically the United States, Canada and Western Europe. Because there are so many places in the world to see however, malaria can be a problem in many other countries, especially if you find yourself in rural or country areas in these countries. Africa, by far, is the continent with the highest incidence of malaria. Several children die each minute in Africa from malaria.

While Africa has the highest occurrence of this disease, you can also expect to find malaria in the Middle Eastern countries in Asia, India, Eastern Europe, the large rural areas of South and Central America, the islands of Central America like the Dominican Republic and Haiti, and countries in the South Pacific area.

Assessing your Malaria Risk