Determining Malaria Risk

The safest places to travel to avoid malaria are typically the United States, Canada and Western Europe. Because there are so many places in the world to see however, malaria can be a problem in many other countries, especially if you find yourself in rural or country areas in these countries. Africa, by far, is the continent with the highest incidence of malaria. Several children die each minute in Africa from malaria.

While Africa has the highest occurrence of this disease, you can also expect to find malaria in the Middle Eastern countries in Asia, India, Eastern Europe, the large rural areas of South and Central America, the islands of Central America like the Dominican Republic and Haiti, and countries in the South Pacific area.

Assessing your Malaria Risk

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Malaria is a tropical infectious disease that is caused by protozoan parasites. It is one of the most common infectious diseases and it causes enormous public health problems, especially in tropical and subtropical regions of Americas, Asia, and Africa. Each year, over 500 million people are infected with Malaria world wide, and between one and three million people are killed. The majority Malaria deaths are young children in Africa.

Malaria is commonly associated with poverty, because poorer people are more likely to become infected. However, Malaria is also a cause of poverty because it hinders economic development. The same protozoan parasites that cause Malaria in humans can also infect birds, chimpanzees, monkeys, reptiles, and rodents. After Malaria was accidentally introduced to Hawaii by humans, it decimated the native birds of Hawaii because they had no natural resistance to the parasites.

Malaria Symptoms

The main symptoms of Malaria include: