machine learning

It may be possible to teach machines how to pick out features in neurons and other cells that have not been stained or undergone other damaging treatments, according to a new study. “This approach has the potential to revolutionize biomedical research. Researchers are now generating extraordinary amounts of data. For neuroscientists, this means that training… Read more

Using whole exome sequencing, combined with machine learning and network analysis, researchers have found new, ultra-rare gene mutations within specific biological pathways that may contribute to eating disorders. Conducted by researchers at the University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine and the Eating Recovery Center in Dallas, the study also demonstrates that targeting one of… Read more

A computer system capable of watching gameplay videos of Super Mario Brothers on YouTube, and then creating hundreds of new playable sections of the game has been built by Georgia Tech scientists. Zeroing in on the gaming terrain instead of the player avatar, as well as the positioning between elements onscreen, the system findss the… Read more