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Building Math Confidence Carries Financial And Medical Outcome Benefits

Being good at mathematics is linked to better financial and medical outcomes – unless you don’t have confidence in your own abilities with numbers, new research suggests[1]. In two separate studies, researchers found that the key to success in personal finances and dealing with a complex disease was a match between a person’s math abilities […]

Age Associated B Cells Drive Autoimmune Disease

A trigger for autoimmune diseases such as lupus, Crohn’s disease and multiple sclerosis has been identified in a new study. The findings help explain why women suffer autoimmune disease more frequently than men, and suggest a therapeutic target to prevent autoimmune disease in humans. Kira Rubtsova, PhD, an instructor in biomedical science at National Jewish […]

MicroRNA MiR-148a Potential Target For Autoimmune Disease Treatment

A molecule that appears to be a cause of autoimmune diseases such as lupus has been identified by scientists from The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI). Elevated levels of the molecule allow self-reactive immune cells to escape into the blood stream and attack the body’s own tissues. Said TSRI Associate Professor Changchun Xiao, who was co-senior […]