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Do Music Lessons Really Make Children Smarter?

In 2004, a paper appeared in the journal Psychological Science, titled “Music Lessons Enhance IQ.” The author, composer and University of Toronto Mississauga psychologist Glenn Schellenberg, had conducted an experiment with 144 children randomly assigned to four groups: one learned the keyboard for a year, one took singing lessons, one joined an acting class, and […]

Growth Mindset Theory Shows No Benefit In New Research

The popular growth mindset theory, which argues that intellectual ability is not fixed but can be greatly changed, has little, or even a negative, effect on attainment, University of Edinburgh researchers report[1]. Psychologists who gauged the theory’s impact in the classroom concluded that improved textbooks and systematic study practices are more effective ways of boosting […]

Building Math Confidence Carries Financial And Medical Outcome Benefits

Being good at mathematics is linked to better financial and medical outcomes – unless you don’t have confidence in your own abilities with numbers, new research suggests[1]. In two separate studies, researchers found that the key to success in personal finances and dealing with a complex disease was a match between a person’s math abilities […]

Neural Computation Relies On Compartmentalized Dendrites To Discern Inputs

Researchers at EPFL’s Blue Brain Project have discovered that dendrites, the neuron’s tree-like receptors, work together — dynamically and depending on the workload — for learning. The findings further our understanding of how we think and may inspire new algorithms for artificial intelligence. The analysis was performed using cells from the Blue Brain’s virtual rodent […]