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Bilingualism And Dementia: How Some Patients Lose Their Second Language And Rediscover Their First

For many people with dementia, memories of early childhood appear more vivid than their fragile sense of the present. But what happens when the present is experienced through a different language than the one spoken in childhood? And how might carers and care homes cope with the additional level of complexity in looking after bilingual […]

Late Talkers Twice As Likely To Have Frequent Temper Tantrums

A new, 2,000-participants study from Northwestern University found that toddlers with fewer spoken words have more frequent and severe temper tantrums than their peers with typical language skills. Toddler speech delays and temper tantrums have long been assumed to go hand in hand, but until now, no large-scale research had successfully backed up that assumption […]

Why Speech Is A Human Innovation

Except for various cartoon characters, the Geico Gecko and Mr. Ed, animals can’t speak. Yet they have a lot to say to scientists trying to figure out the origins of human language. Speaking isn’t the only avenue for language. After all, linguistic messaging can be transmitted by hand signals. Or handwriting. Or texting. But speech […]

Genetic Regions Associated With Left-Handedness Identified

For the first time, a study has pinpointed regions of the genome associated with left-handedness in the general population, and linked their effects with brain architecture. The study[1], led by researchers at the University of Oxford, linked these genetic differences with the connections between areas of the brain related to language. It was already known […]