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Surgeons Use Nose Cartilage To Repair Damaged Knee Joints

Swiss surgeons are using nose cartilage to operate on knees in Switzerland, reports a new study. The first-in-human phase I study used autologous cartilage tissue derived from nasal chondrocytes. Two years following reconstruction, the majority of recipients experienced improvements in pain, quality of life, and knee function. They also developed repair tissue that is similar […]

Acupuncture Fails Test For Chronic Knee Pain

Acupuncture doesn’t offer any benefit for moderate or severe chronic knee pain in people over 50, according to a recent clinical trial. Researchers randomly assigned 282 patients with chronic knee pain to needle acupuncture, laser acupuncture, no acupuncture, or sham (inactive) laser treatment administered by general practitioners. Treatments lasted for 12 weeks and neither the […]

Running after Knee Replacement

Running is a sport that creates loyalty and perseverance. Runners are often accused of being addicted to their sport and others call it getting runners ‘high’. Whatever the explanation athletes who choose to run do anything in their power to continue the activity, well past the time when their physicians tell them to stop. Running […]