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Pancreas Glucagon Producing Cells Can Alter Their Identity

Glucagon-producing cells in the pancreas can change identity and adapt to do the job for their neighbouring damaged or missing insulin cells, researchers at the University of Bergen, in collaboration with other international researchers, have discovered. “We are possibly facing the start of a totally new form of treatment for diabetes, where the body can […]

New Glucose Responsive Insulin Delivery System With Red Blood Cells

A new technique that uses modified insulin and red blood cells to create a glucose-responsive “smart” insulin delivery system has been developed by researchers from North Carolina State University and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. The new technique effectively reduced blood sugar levels for 48 hours in a strain of mice that […]

Brain Insulin Signaling Points To Treatment For Alzheimer’s

Through observing similarity in the way insulin signaling works in the brain and in the pancreas of diabetic patients, researchers at Tohoku University have found what may be a promising treatment for Alzheimer’s disease. Led by Dr. Shigeki Moriguchi and Professor Kohji Fukunaga, the team says that Alzheimer’s disease can be described as a diabetic […]

Gut Microbiota Changes Linked To Sleep Loss

Shortening sleep changes the amount of bacterial gut species that have previously been linked to compromised human metabolic health, a new clinical study from Uppsala University suggests. Alterations in the composition and diversity of the gut microbiota have been associated with diseases such as obesity and type-2 diabetes. These diseases have also been linked with […]

Gut Microbiome Imbalance Raises Diabetes Risk

The current thinking among scientists about the major contributors to insulin resistance involves excess weight and physical inactivity. Now, new research by an EU funded European-Chinese team of investigators called MetaHit has found that specific imbalances in the gut bacteria can cause insulin resistance, which confers an increased risk of health disorders like type 2 […]