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Neuron-glia Trans Signaling Intervention Mediates Neurotoxicity In Parkinson’s Model

A new framework for understanding the pathology of Parkinson’s disease is provided by research from the Buck Institute for Research on Aging. Working in two fruit fly models of Parkinson’s, researchers at the Buck Institute elucidated a novel molecular mechanism that orchestrates a harmful cascade of inflammatory signaling and demonstrated that its disruption protects neurons […]

Multidisciplinary Study Looks At Effects Of Environmental Factors On Astrocytes

Investigators from Brigham and Women’s Hospital have developed an approach to systematically and simultaneously evaluate the effects of hundreds of environmental factors on the development of neurological diseases. Through a series of investigations, the team has identified environmental factors that boost neurological inflammation, including an herbicide being used in the U.S. that is currently banned […]

Mounting Evidence That Herpes Virus Is A Cause Of Alzheimer’s Disease

More than 30m people worldwide suffer from Alzheimer’s disease – the most common form of dementia. Unfortunately, there is no cure, only drugs to ease the symptoms. However, my latest review, suggests a way to treat the disease. I found the strongest evidence yet that the herpes virus is a cause of Alzheimer’s, suggesting that […]