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Gut Microbiome Linked To The Immune System’s Ability To Fight Cancer

A causal link between the gut microbiome and the immune system’s ability to fight cancer has been shown in a worldwide collaborative study. The researchers identified a cocktail of 11 bacterial strains that activated the immune system and slowed the growth of melanoma in mice. The study also points to the role of unfolded protein […]

Newly Found Mechanism Activates The Immune System Against Cancer

An international team of researchers has revealed a new mechanism to ‘activate’ the immune system against cancer. The mechanism allows immune cells to detect and destroy cancer cells better than before, according to a study led by Prof. Nick Haining, of Harvard Medical School, and co-authored by Prof. Erez Levanon, doctoral student Ilana Buchumansky, of […]

Sprayable Gel Could Help Fight Cancer Recurrence After Surgery

A UCLA-led research team has developed a sprayed gel embedded with immune-boosting drugs that could help cancer tumour recurrence after surgery. Many people who are diagnosed with cancer will undergo some type of surgery to treat their disease — almost 95 percent of people with early-diagnosed breast cancer will require surgery and it’s often the […]

Adoptive T Cell Therapy Improves Multiple Sclerosis Symptoms

A new cellular immunotherapy for multiple sclerosis (MS) has improved symptoms and quality of life for the majority of patients in a world-first clinical trial. The treatment targets the Epstein-Barr virus (EBV). In 2003, a theory formulated by University of Queensland and Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital (RBWH) researcher Professor Michael Pender, proposed that MS […]

An Engineered Oncolytic Adenovirus That Encodes A Bispecific Antibody

A virus that kills carcinoma cells has been combined by scientists with a protein so it can also target and kill adjacent cells that are tricked into shielding the cancer from the immune system. This is the first time that cancer-associated fibroblasts within solid tumors – healthy cells that are tricked into protecting the cancer […]