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Cell Inoculation Could Prepare The Body To Welcome A Transplanted Organ

It is now achievable to train a transplant recipient’s immune system to accept transplanted cells and organs without the long-term use of anti-rejection drugs, scientists at University of Minnesota have shown. In a pre-clinical study, researchers at the University of Minnesota Medical School‘s Department of Surgery and Schulze Diabetes Institute, collaborating with colleagues at Northwestern […]

Another Trick Up The Immune System’s Sleeve: Regrowing Blood Vessels

Roughly 8.5 million people in the United States suffer from peripheral artery disease (PAD), a narrowing of the arteries in the legs or arms (frequently due to the buildup of fatty plaque) that can cut off blood flow to the limbs, causing tissue death, gangrene, and even amputation. Strategies to combat PAD by delivering compounds […]

Fingerprint Of Multiple Sclerosis Immune Cells Identified

Researchers report identifying the “fingerprint” of the immune cells that characterize multiple sclerosis. The discovery could lead to new ways to monitor and treat the disease. “We identified a specific population of white blood cells augmented in the peripheral blood of MS patients that have two properties characteristic of MS: They can move from the […]

How Healthy Gut Microbiota Is Maintained By The Immune System

An important mechanism that controls immune reactions against microorganisms in the intestine has been detailed by Universitätsmedizin Berlin researchers. The findings of the international study may contribute to the development of new therapies for chronic inflammatory bowel disease. “We have identified a molecule, c-Maf, which is critical for the development and function of specific regulatory […]