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Protein Imaging Reveals Detailed Brain Architecture

MIT chemical engineers and neuroscientists have developed a new way to classify neurons by labeling and imaging the proteins found in each cell. This type of imaging offers clues to each neuron’s function and should help in mapping the human brain, the researchers say. Says Kwanghun Chung, who is the Samuel A. Goldblith Assistant Professor […]

Biomedical Imaging At One-thousandth The Cost

MIT researchers have developed a biomedical imaging system that could ultimately replace a $100,000 piece of a lab equipment with components that cost just hundreds of dollars. The system uses a technique called fluorescence lifetime imaging, which has applications in DNA sequencing and cancer diagnosis, among other things. So the new work could have implications […]

‘Onion’ Nanoparticle Takes Light Up A Notch

A new, onion-like nanoparticle’s innovation lies in its layers: a coating of organic dye, a neodymium-containing shell, and a core that incorporates ytterbium and thulium. Together, these layers convert invisible near-infrared light to higher energy blue and UV light with record-high efficiency. When it comes to bioimaging, near-infrared light could be used to activate the […]