Many women will suffer from hot flashes whether her menopause was surgically induced, such as after a hysterectomy, or if menopause happens as a natural process. Research has found that women who have had a partial hysterectomy, when the ovaries were left intact, will experience menopause earlier than if they had not had a hysterectomy… Read more

Hair Loss and Hysterectomy

Having a hysterectomy is something that sometimes cannot be avoided in women. It can be the source of anxiety unlike any other. Some women feel that they are losing the part of themselves that make them a woman, since in this procedure all or some of the female parts are removed. In a full hysterectomy, the uterus, ovaries and the fallopian tubes are removed, other times some of the parts can be saved. Making this procedure even more harmful on a woman’s self esteem is the outer changes that their bodies are going through, not just the changes on the inside.

Hormone Therapy the Culprit