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Men with PMS

Hot flashes, cramping, mood swings and headaches … these are just a few of the symptoms of PMS. However, did you know there is a contingent of men who get them every month? That’s right – men with PMS!

A number of research studies have been conducted that show men do suffer cramps comparable to that of those women who suffer through them during PMS. Of course, this news has many females snorting with derision at the thought.

These studies claim that the men tested exhibited a range of PMS-like symptoms at approximately the same time each month. Both men and women who quizzed on their symptoms and in almost every case, men actually scored more symptoms than women. The only symptom the men really did not get was the water retention.

Symptoms Males Get

Why does Drinking Alcohol Cause Hot Flashes?

alcohol and hot flashes go togetherMore than 40 million women are estimated to experience hot flashes each year. Everybodys know that prescribing hormones can reduce these symptoms in menopausal and perimenopausal women. Yet how much is really known about how hot flashes work, or why certain things, like alcohol consumption, trigger them? One recent paper, published in the journal Fertility and Sterility, looked at the influence of alcohol consumption on hot flashes in midlife women.

The research was aimed at explaining an earlier finding, that moderate alcohol consumption of up to three drinks per month, actually reduced the severity of hot flashes by 25 percent. This effect disappeared in women who drank more than three drinks per month.