heart attack

Stem cells derived from the placenta known as Cdx2 cells can regenerate healthy heart cells after heart attacks in animal models, new research from Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai has shown. The findings may represent a novel treatment for regenerating the heart and other organs. “Cdx2 cells have historically been thought to only… Read more

A new study has found that patients with a history of heart attacks or stroke have improved outcomes when statin medications are used following their discharge from the hospital. Previous surveys in hospitals have shown that statins, a common medication prescribed to lower cholesterol, aren’t being used as consistently in patients who’ve been admitted to… Read more

The response of the human heart to an infarction is very different than previously thought, collaborative research has demonstrated. The study, led by cardiologist Borja Ibáñez, overturns the established view that an infarction is followed by progressive repair of the myocardium. For many years, scientists have assumed that a heart attack is followed immediately by… Read more

A surprising discovery leading to the development of technology with the ability to rejuvenate human cells has been made by researchers at Houston Methodist Research Institute. The findings have important implications for the small population of children who are aging too quickly – children with progeria. John P. Cooke, M.D., Ph.D., department chair of cardiovascular… Read more

Gluten-free diets may increase the risk of heart disease, according to a new study. There has been increasing interest in the possible health benefits of avoiding gluten among people who do not have celiac disease, though the long term evidence about its effects in this group is currently limited. Despite this, the gluten-free food market… Read more