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Transcriptional Catalog Of Cochlear Neuron Types Established

Four types of neurons in the peripheral auditory system, three of which are new to science, have been identified by researchers at Karolinska Institutet in Sweden. The analysis of these cells could lead to new therapies for various kinds of hearing disorders, such as tinnitus and age-related hearing loss. When sound reaches the inner ear, […]

Chronic Tinnitus Keeps The Brain More At Attention

Chronic tinnitus is associated with changes in certain networks in the brain, a new study by University of Illinois researchers found. Furthermore, those changes cause the brain to stay more at attention and less at rest. The finding provides patients with validation of their experiences and hope for future treatment options. “Tinnitus is invisible. It […]

Auditory Nerve Demyelination In Hidden Hearing Loss

Disruption in the Schwann cells that make myelin, which insulates the neuronal axons in the ear, leads to hidden hearing loss, University of Michigan researchers report. Some people can pass a hearing test but have trouble understanding speech in a noisy environment. This auditory neuropathy, first described in 2011, is called hidden hearing loss. Scientists […]