“Clingy” spouses — whether spending every waking moment with their partners or constantly telephoning when they’re not together — are at greater risk for heart problems and poor mental health after their spouses die, according to new research from psychologists at Rice University. “Based on our previous work, we know that there is a link… Read more

In our culture, there’s this idea that enduring a tragedy can be good for your personal growth. You’ll have a newfound appreciation for life. You’ll be grateful for your friends and family. You’ll learn from the experience. You’ll become more resilient. This theme appears in media coverage, time and again, in the wake of natural… Read more

Hearing voices that other people can’t is a meaningful experience. Like dreams, they can usually be understood in terms of one’s life experiences. Within mental health services, however, the prevailing medical model means some practitioners pay attention only to their presence, not their meaning. Psychiatry’s diagnostic bibles, the American DSM-5 and the World Health Organisation’s… Read more