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Single Cell Sequencing Uncovers Potential Brain Injury Treatment Targets

Researchers at UCLA used single cell sequencing to look in real time at how head injury affects thousands of individual cells and genes simultaneously in mice. This approach could lead to precise treatments for traumatic brain injury (TBI). “Instead of clustering responses according to categories of cells in TBI, we can now see how individual […]

ApoE4 Impairs Dendritic Complexity In Adult Neurogenesis

The protein Apolipoprotein E (ApoE) plays a central role in proper development of adult-born neurons in the hippocampus, new research from a group at Columbia University indicates. ApoE is one of the genes that regulate ongoing generation of neurons in the dentate gyrus of the hippocampus, a process known as adult neurogenesis. A variant of […]

Cocaine Use Linked To Altered Gene Expression In Brain Reward Circuits

Distinct genetic changes in the brain’s reward circuitry are associated with cocaine use, including first-time use, withdrawal, and re-exposure to the drug after prolonged withdrawal, a new study indicates. The findings represent important information on how cocaine addiction reprograms gene expression and provide insight into the molecular basis of cocaine addiction in unprecedented detail. In […]

Paupar RNA Regulates Olfactory Bulb Neurogenesis

A non-coding RNA, called Paupar (PAX6 Upstream Antisense RNA), which influences how healthy brains develop during early life, has been identified by scientists from the Universities of Edinburgh, Bath, and Oxford. They have shown that Paupar orchestrates proteins that control neurodevelopment. Since the human genome was first sequenced in 2001, scientists have puzzled over swathes […]