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Women Aren’t Better Multitaskers Than Men – They’re Just Doing More Work

Multitasking has traditionally been perceived as a woman’s domain. A woman, particularly one with children, will routinely be juggling a job and running a household – in itself a frantic mix of kids’ lunch boxes, housework, and organising appointments and social arrangements. But a new study, published today in PLOS One[1], shows women are actually […]

Microglia More Phagocytic In The Amygdala During Male Neonatal Development

A mechanism for how androgens sculpt brain development has been discovered by University of Maryland School of Medicine researchers. The findings could ultimately help researchers understand behavioral development differences between males and females. “We already knew that the brains of males and females are different and that testosterone produced during the second trimester in humans […]

Aging Female Brains Exhibit Persistent Metabolic Youth

Women’s brains appear to be about three years younger than men’s of the same chronological age, metabolically speaking, a new study from Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis finds. The findings could be one clue to why women tend to stay mentally sharp longer than men. “We’re just starting to understand how various […]

Why Is ADHD More Common In Boys Than Girls?

About one in 20 children are diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) at some point during their school life. Interestingly, for every girl diagnosed, there are between three and seven boys who receive an ADHD diagnosis. Children and adolescents who are affected by ADHD have difficulty with things like sitting still, organisation and concentrating […]