A pair of new research studies are adding to the growing body of evidence that sugary soda drinks pose a health risk. The first study discloses that excess sugar, particularly the added fructose in sugary drinks, might damage your brain. Researchers looked at data from the Framingham Heart Study (FHS) and found that people who… Read more

Fructose powers a molecular machine that can lead to cardiac muscle buildup and heart failure, say researchers. “Walk through any supermarket and take a look at the labels on food products, and you’ll see that many of them contain fructose, often in the form of sucrose (table sugar),” says professor Wilhelm Krek ofETH Zurich’s Institute… Read more

Strawberries are one of my favorite fruits, whether in an ice-cold smoothie or warm strawberry shortcake. Packed with phytochemicals, the strawberry plant (scientific name Fragaria ananassa) belongs to the family Rosaceae, which includes roses, apple trees and plum trees. Botanically speaking, Fragaria ananassa is not a berry, and not even a fruit. A fruit is defined as a mature, thickened ovary of a seed-bearing plant, along with it’s parts like the fleshy layers of tissue (the pulp).