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Older Adults Have Smaller Social Networks But Enjoy Greater Well-being

Are younger adults who cultivate numerous connections with friends, families, and acquaintances through online social networks any happier than older adults who have smaller circles of face-to-face relationships? The answer may be no, according to research published by the American Psychological Association. Quality social relationships boost well-being and may be as important to people under […]

What Your Friends’ Brains Look Like When They Think About You

The brain activity patterns found in your friends’ brains when they consider your personality traits may be remarkably similar to what is found in your’s when you think of yourself, a new study suggests[1]. Those same friends will have a different brain activity pattern when they think of someone else in your group — and […]

Brain Responds More To Close Friends, Brain Scans Show

Your brain is more responsive to friends than to strangers, even if the stranger has more in common, says a study in The Journal of Neuroscience. Researchers examined a brain region known to be involved in processing social information, and the results suggest that social alliances outweigh shared interests. The study, led by graduate student […]