fluorescent dyes

A new imaging technology could allow scientists to look inside cells and watch dozens of different molecules in action at once, by labeling them with short strands of  barcoded DNA that blink on and off with their own unique rhythm. When attached to cells or other objects and observed for enough time, these barcodes could… Read more

A new diagnostic test for cystic fibrosis has been developed by National Institutes of Health-funded scientists. The new device provides a cheaper, easier way to detect levels of chloride in sweat, which are elevated in cystic fibrosis patients. A similar strategy could be applied to other diseases that present with elevated levels of different ions… Read more

In recent years, physicians and researchers have increasingly turned to fluorescent dyes to look beneath the skin. An eye doctor, for example, might inject a dye into a patient’s blood before shining a bright light in her eye. The dye causes the blood vessels to glow, providing a roadmap of the patient’s retina on a… Read more