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New Wearable Sensors Zero In On Perspiration

A new flexible sensor system can measure metabolites and electrolytes in sweat, calibrate the data based upon skin temperature and sync the results in real time to a smartphone. While health monitors have exploded onto the consumer electronics scene over the past decade, researchers at the University of California, Berkeley say this device is the […]

The Top 4 Running Belts for Women

When you’re running you don’t want to have to focus on carrying things. This is why a number of runners opt for running belts to hold essential items like keys, ID cards and phones. These belts are designed to stay secure so that you won’t even notice them while you run. If you could use […]

The Best Zumba Fitness Games

Zumba, the wildly popular Latin dance-workout, has become a global phenomenon in the last couple of years. It’s a hit with both men and women as an exciting and enjoyable way to exercise the whole body. Since gaining so much popularity, video game producers have been working hard on making Zumba games for consoles, which […]