fiber optics

An endoscope as thin as a human hair, which can image the activity of neurons in the brains of living mice, has been developed by a team of researchers. Because it is so thin, the endoscope can reach deep into the brain, giving researchers access to areas that cannot be seen with microscopes or other… Read more

Want to make a virus? It’s easy: combine one molecule of genomic nucleic acid, either DNA or RNA, and a handful of proteins, shake, and in a fraction of a second you’ll have a fully-formed virus. That might sound like the worst infomercial ever, but in many cases making a virus really is that simple… Read more

Optical sensors may be uniquely suited for use in robotic hands, according to researchers who have developed a three-fingered soft robotic hand with multiple embedded fiber optic sensors. They have also created a new type of stretchable optical sensor. By using fiber optics, the researchers were able to embed 14 strain sensors into each of… Read more