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Inter-individual Variance In Cerebellar Functional Networks Exceeds Cortex

Overlooking the cerebellum is a mistake, researchers at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis say. Their recent findings suggest that the cerebellum has a hand in every aspect of higher brain functions — not just movement, but attention, thinking, planning and decision-making. Located inconveniently on the underside of the brain and initially thought […]

Executive Functioning May Be Helped By A Bad Mood

A good mood can have a negative effect on some people’s executive functioning, such as their ability to focus attention, manage time and prioritize tasks, new research has found. The same study found that being in a bad mood can help it in some cases. Tara McAuley, a psychology professor at the University of Waterloo, […]

Enhancing Executive Function By Synchronizing Brain Waves

Synchronizing oscillations between two brain regions with high-definition transcranial alternating current stimulation (HD-tACS) improved brain processing in a new study[1]. De-synchronizing did the opposite. The findings may someday lead to tools that can enhance normal brain function, possibly helping treat disorders from anxiety to autism. The two brain regions involved — the medial frontal cortex […]

Structural Brain Modules Become More Segregated During Youth

As children age into adolescence and on into young adulthood, they show dramatic improvements in their ability to control impulses, stay organized, and make decisions. Those executive functions of the brain are key factors in determining outcomes including their educational success, and whether they will use recreational drugs, or develop psychiatric illness. In a new […]

Focus On Executive Functions In Kindergarten Leads To Lasting Academic Improvements

An educational approach which concentrates on the development of children’s executive functions (the ability to avoid distractions, focus attention, hold relevant information in working memory, and regulate impulsive behavior) improved academic learning in and beyond kindergarten, according to a new study by researchers at New York University. And since certain effects were especially pronounced in […]