That weary feeling that sets in with an illness is an emotion that helps you fight off infection, a University of Oregon research team reports. Slack facial muscles and drooping eyelids appear early. Exhaustion, loss of appetite, and increased sensitivity to cold and pain come on. Those signs are among a long list of features… Read more

Some people with anxiety may actively resist relaxation in favor of worrying, according to new research. The study[1] suggests it’s a way to avoid a large jump in anxiety if something bad really does happen. Researchers found that people more sensitive to shifts in negative emotion — quickly moving from a relaxed state to one… Read more

Fear and self-doubt are two things that every normal person faces. These are also two of the biggest obstacles to success and happiness. Some people feel more fear and self-doubt than others. And, some are better at overcoming these emotions than others. Regardless of where you fall on the fear/self-doubt spectrum, there are many things… Read more

Have you ever looked at a puppy and had the urge to squeeze or even bite it? Or felt compelled to pinch a baby’s cheeks, albeit without a desire to harm it? If you answered yes to either question, you’ve experienced a phenomenon called cute aggression — and you’re far from alone. Until now, research… Read more