Few things are so deeply infected by fads, frauds and quackery as nutrition. As such, it is through a lens of healthy scepticism that we should view any new diet. The latest to make headlines is the Sirtfood Diet which, if we are to take claims at face value, will assist with weight loss as… Read more

If you have a problem with your health and visit a general practitioner, you might be prescribed medication to alleviate symptoms and make you feel better. But what if your health concern is excess weight? Pharmacology is just one of several options to treat obesity, along with lifestyle changes and the more radical option, bariatric… Read more

Women are often bombarded with contradictory advice after childbirth – from health professionals, family, friends, and other new mums on social networking sites – about how to shift the weight they gained during pregnancy. Some of this advice is evidence-based and centred on eating a variety of nutritious foods and getting regular exercise. But much… Read more

As governments around the world struggle to tackle rising obesity levels, many people are also fighting their own personal battles to lose weight. A recent Lancet article I contributed to sheds light on popular myths about weight loss and helps explain what really happens to our bodies when we’re trying to lose weight. Weight Loss… Read more

In our battle with excess weight, Australians spend more than $790m a year on weight-loss products. Many are based on shortcuts that seem to allow users to maintain their existing calorie intake or avoid getting active and still achieve their goal weight. Manufacturers of these pills, potions, liquids, magnets and devices play on consumers’ desire… Read more