Living near major roads or highways is linked to higher incidence of dementia, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease and multiple sclerosis (MS), suggests new research. The researchers also found that living near green spaces, like parks, has protective effects against developing these neurological disorders. “For the first time, we have confirmed a link between air pollution… Read more

A class of antibiotics called aminoglycosides could be a promising treatment for frontotemporal dementia, researchers at the University of Kentucky’s College of Medicine have found. Frontotemporal dementia is the second-most common dementia after Alzheimer’s disease and the most common type of early onset dementia. It typically begins between ages 40 and 65 and affects the… Read more

Tai Chi exercise brings positive health benefits to older people with dementia, research from Bournemouth University has found[1]. “We were really interested to see if Tai Chi improves balance and prevents falls among people with dementia. This is an important issue because people with dementia are twice as likely to fall, and twice as likely… Read more

Many people see memory as providing the foundation upon which a stable sense of self is constructed. Our autobiographical memory, in particular, seems crucial to weaving a life story that bridges past and present, and permits us to extrapolate how the future might unfold, all within a meaningful and coherent narrative. So what happens when… Read more