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Married People Are Less Likely To Develop Dementia

New research suggests that married people are less likely to experience dementia as they age. On the other hand, divorcees are about twice as likely as married people to develop dementia, the study[1] indicates, with divorced men showing a greater disadvantage than divorced women. “This research is important because the number of unmarried older adults […]

Memory And Attention Difficulties Are Often Part Of A Normal Life

From young adults to people in their 60s, everyday functioning in today’s world can place high demands on our attention and memory skills. Memory lapses such as forgetting an appointment, losing our keys, forgetting a distant relative’s name or not remembering why you opened the fridge can leave us believing our thinking skills are impaired. […]

Music And Dance Has Positive Effect On Older Adults With Dementia

A pilot study at University of Otago has demonstrated the powerful influence music and dance can have on older adults with dementia, who are stereotypically viewed as passive and immobile. Researchers used familiar, reminiscent music and the natural gestures of a group of 22 participants to create an original series of dance exercises. Lead author […]

Super-resolution Microscopy Sheds Light On How Dementia Protein Becomes Dysfunctional

Super-resolution microscopy was used by University of Queensland researchers to observe key molecules at work inside living brain cells, further unravelling the puzzle of memory formation and the elusive causes of dementia. “One of the distinguishing features of Alzheimer’s disease is the tangles of Tau protein that form inside brain cells, but this is the […]