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Subcellular Computations Within The Brain During Decision-making Revealed

During decision-making, neurons in the brain are capable of much more complex processing than previously thought, new research indicates. The findings[1] show that during decision-making, there are a multitude of small sections of dendrite throughout each neuron that process information before it is sent to other neurons. This suggests that much more complex processing can […]

Social Norms Play A Role In Selfish And Generous Decision Making

A child’s desire to share becomes influenced by social norms around the age of eight, new research indicates. The extensive study – conducted on eight diverse societies across the world – examined children and adults’ behaviour when asked to respond to a set of specific sharing tasks. Researchers led by Dr Bailey House from the […]

Decision Making: Remembering To Choose The Future

From the philosophers of ancient Greece to the self-help books of today, humans have long been interested in choice. Philosophers and ethicists have debated what goals we ought to choose for millennia, and for a century or more economists and psychologists have studied what goals we will choose. In everyday language, we often talk about […]

How We Make Complex Decisions

When making a complex decision, we often break the problem down into a series of smaller decisions. For example, when deciding how to treat a patient, a doctor may go through a hierarchy of steps — choosing a diagnostic test, interpreting the results, and then prescribing a medication. Making hierarchical decisions is straightforward when the […]