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Decision Making: Remembering To Choose The Future

From the philosophers of ancient Greece to the self-help books of today, humans have long been interested in choice. Philosophers and ethicists have debated what goals we ought to choose for millennia, and for a century or more economists and psychologists have studied what goals we will choose. In everyday language, we often talk about […]

How We Make Complex Decisions

When making a complex decision, we often break the problem down into a series of smaller decisions. For example, when deciding how to treat a patient, a doctor may go through a hierarchy of steps — choosing a diagnostic test, interpreting the results, and then prescribing a medication. Making hierarchical decisions is straightforward when the […]

Counterfactual Thinking Causally Related To The Anterior Cingulate Cortex

Counterfactual thinking is causally related to a frontal part of the brain, called the anterior cingulate cortex, new research in primates has shown for the first time. Additionally, the research has demonstrated that the process can be changed by targeting neurons in this region, using low-intensity ultrasound. If you imagine working in your office while […]

Prelimbic Neuron Activity Predicts Decisions During Gambling

Based on the neuronal activity in the prefrontal cortex of the brain, it is possible to predict what action will be chosen next. If the activity of specific neurons remains low, a risk will be taken again at the next opportunity. However, if the activity of these nerve cells increases dramatically, the safe option will […]