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This New Ultra-sensitive Instrument Will Track Down Dark Matter

There is five times more dark matter in the universe than plain old “normal” matter— the atoms and molecules that make up the familiar world. Yet, it is still unknown what this dominant dark component actually is. An international collaboration of scientists has now inaugurated the new XENON1T instrument designed to search for dark matter […]

Astronomers Discover Oldest Stars Ever Seen

An international team of astronomers, led researchers from the University of Cambridge and the Australian National University, have identified some of the oldest stars in our galaxy, which could contain vital clues about the early Universe, including an indication of how the first stars died. These stars, which have been at the very centre of […]

Solar System History Hides In Bits Of Stardust

Scientists are attempting to reconstruct the history of the birth of the solar system by analyzing grains of stardust found in ancient meteorites that fell to Earth. Tom Zega, an assistant professor in the University of Arizona’s Lunar and Planetary Laboratory, studies these “presolar grains,” which are the remains of ancient stars preserved in meteorites. […]

Stealth Dark Matter May Explain Universe’s Missing Mass

Particle physicists have combined theoretical and computational physics techniques and used Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory’s massively parallel 2-petaflop Vulcan supercomputer to devise a new model of dark matter. It identifies it as naturally “stealthy” (i.e. like its namesake aircraft, difficult to detect) today, but would have been easy to see via interactions with ordinary matter […]

Theory Of Parallel Universes Is Not Just Math: It Is Science That Can Be Tested

The existence of parallel universes may seem like something cooked up by science fiction writers, with little relevance to modern theoretical physics. But the idea that we live in a “multiverse” made up of an infinite number of parallel universes has long been considered a scientific possibility – although it is still a matter of […]