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They call themselves dolls. These are cosmetic surgery patients who document their desires and results on Instagram, but only, most say, for other patients or prospective clients. They use names and hashtags that connect the work to their provider. So, for example, KathySmithDoll would be a woman who underwent surgery with a Dr. Kathy Smith… Read more

While cosmetic surgery is usually used to help someone look and feel better about their body, it can also be used for reconstructive surgery. One of the areas where this reconstruction can be used is in the area of the ear. Often times, there will be complications, such as perichondritis that lead to problems that are more serious. The condition of perichondritis, in more serious conditions may result in the loss of an ear from an infection. Using cosmetic surgery as a way to correct this injury and will help you with maintaining a balanced look in your face from the ears.

What is Perichondritis

Perichondritis is an infection that takes place in the skin and tissue. Usually, it will cause infections around cartilage areas. The most found place for this infection to occur is in the external ear. If someone has had in an injury, or if there ear has been through a trauma, then perichondritis may be a result. Perichondritis is also known to occur if you have pierced your ears in the cartilage area, which causes tissue damage and possible infection if not done properly.

You will be able to tell if you have perichondritis if your ear begins to turn red after a piercing. There will also be a pain in the ear area from the infection. If the infection continues, then fluid will drain from the wound and a fever may occur if the infection begins to spread. Serious conditions of perichondritis may also cause the ear tissue in the area of the infection to die.