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Illegal Plant Trade Blooms In Southeast Asia

New research documents the large-scale illegal trade in hundreds of wild-collected ornamental plants, particularly orchids, in Southeast Asia. Southeast Asia is a widely recognized center of illegal wildlife trade— both as the source region for species ranging from seahorses to tigers, and as a global consumer of ivory carvings, wild pets, and traditional Chinese medicinal […]

Elephant Extinction Could Change Landscape Forever

The disappearance of elephants and other large land animals could have a devastating and permanent effect on plants and animals they live with, say researchers. When they analyzed large animal, or megafauna, extinctions in the Americas since humans moved in about 15,000 years ago, they discovered long-lasting changes in the local landscape after the largest […]

Sunscreens Proven Toxic To Coral Reefs

Lathering up with sunscreen may prevent sunburn and protect against cancer, but it is also killing coral reefs around the world. An international team of researchers found that oxybenzone, a common UV-filtering compound, is in high concentrations in the waters around the more popular coral reefs in Hawaii, and the Caribbean. The chemical not only […]