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Your Brain Constructs Abstract Concepts With 3 Kinds Of Meaning

Machine learning and human brain scans have revealed the regions of the brain behind how we form abstract concepts, like justice, ethics, and consciousness, researchers report. “Humans have the unique ability to construct abstract concepts that have no anchor in the physical world, but we often take this ability for granted. In this study, we […]

Science As We Know It Can’t Explain Consciousness

Explaining how something as complex as consciousness can emerge from a grey, jelly-like lump of tissue in the head is arguably the greatest scientific challenge of our time. The brain is an extraordinarily complex organ, consisting of almost 100 billion cells – known as neurons – each connected to 10,000 others, yielding some ten trillion […]

Brains Work In Sync During Music Therapy

The brains of a patient and therapist become synchronised during a music therapy session, a study from researchers at Anglia Ruskin University has demonstrated. The finding could improve future interactions between patients and therapists. This is the first music therapy study to use a procedure called hyperscanning, which records activity in two brains at the […]

It’s Not All In Your Head: Sometimes It’s In Your Legs

Everything we sense in our external and internal worlds has a distinct subjective quality. A blasting outburst of rage feels different than a lover’s tender kiss on the cheek. Even routine acts such as reading a book or trying to recall a childhood friend’s name feel remarkably different. These and countless other feelings fill the […]