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Our Brains Walk A Fine Line For Maximum Performance

To maximize information processing, the brain tunes itself to be as excitable as possible without tipping into disorder, new research[1] confirms. Researchers long wondered how the billions of independent neurons in the brain come together to reliably build a biological machine that easily beats the most advanced computers. All of those tiny interactions appear to […]

General Knowledge Level Is Associated With Structural Brain Network Connectivity

An individual’s level of general knowledge is associated with structural brain network connectivity, neuroscientists at Ruhr-Universität Bochum and Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin have shown. “Although we can precisely measure the general knowledge of people, and this wealth of knowledge is very important for an individual’s journey through life, we currently know little about the links between […]

Nociceptin Neurons Become Active Before Loss Of Motivation

What happens when we give up? Inside the brain, a group of cells known as nociceptin neurons get very active before a mouse’s breakpoint. They emit nociceptin, a complex molecule that suppresses dopamine, a chemical largely associated with motivation. The findings offer new insight into the complex world of motivation and reward. The nociceptin neurons […]