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Adopting A Rosy Outlook Results In A Favourable Memory

Being optimistic about a future event may lead you to remember it more positively after it’s over, findings from new research indicate. “Our results suggest that imagining an upcoming event can essentially ‘color’ your memory for that event once it comes to pass. Research has shown that healthy adults tend to have an unrealistically favorable […]

Chronic Stress Causes Bias To Higher-risk Decisions

Chronic stress has a dramatically affect on decision making in cost-benefit conflicts, neuroscientists at MIT report. In a study of mice, they found that stressed animals were far likelier to choose high-risk, high-payoff options. The researchers also found that impairments of a specific brain circuit underlie this abnormal decision making, and they showed that they […]

Negative Feelings About Your Failures May Lead To Success

Responding to failure with emotions, instead of cognitively, could make you more effective at improving your results the next time you tackle a related task, new research suggests. Noelle Nelson, an assistant professor of marketing and consumer behavior at the University of Kansas School of Business, said: “Understanding how performance differs when focusing on feelings […]

Gaining Others Perspectives vs. Inferring Others Perspectives

You can get a much better idea of how others are feeling if you put ourselves in their shoes instead of trying to read how they feel through facial expressions and body language, new research shows. Study authors Haotian Zhou of Shanghai Tech University and Nicholas Epley of University of Chicago, explained: “People expected that […]