chronic pain

How the brain’s wiring makes us suffer more from head and face pain has been uncovered by Duke University scientists. People consistently rate pain of the head, face, eyeballs, ears and teeth as more disruptive, and more emotionally draining, than pain elsewhere in the body. The answer may lie not just in what is reported… Read more

The molecular basis of chronic nerve pain in diabetes has been pinpointed in a new study from King’s College London. These findings, in a mouse model, could one day lead to treatments which target the source of the pain. Around one in four people with diabetes develop a chronic pain condition induced by nerve damage… Read more

TRPM3 belongs to a family of channel proteins that allow sodium and calcium ions to enter cells by forming pores in cell membranes. TRPM3 is found on the cell membranes of nerve cells; when ions flow into the nerves through the TRPM3 pores it triggers an electrical impulse. TRPM3 is responsible for helping us to… Read more

New findings from researchers affiliated with the University of São Paulo lay a foundation for novel treatments not only to combat acute pain in shingles, but also to prevent it from becoming chronic, a condition known as post-herpetic neuralgia. In most cases, chickenpox is a benign childhood infection with symptoms that disappear within 10 days… Read more

“It’s like a crawly feeling inside,” says Judy*. “You get hot, then chilled, and you feel like you want to run away.” The 57-year-old has short dark-grey hair and a haunted expression. She’s breathless and sits with her right leg balanced up on her walking stick, rocking it back and forth as she speaks. Judy… Read more