Speech or language impairments may not be the cause of more frequent tantrums in children with autism, a new study suggests. Children with autism experience more tantrums than children without, and speech and language problems often take the blame for the frequent outbursts. Some children with autism spectrum disorder aren’t able to speak or have… Read more

Most kids are going to be injured at some point during their childhood. It will be stressful for the child, and potentially even more so for the parent. Parents can suffer feelings of guilt and anxiety, and a minority will also develop post-traumatic stress following their child’s injury. Some new research (yet to be published)… Read more

The trend of the average maternal age increasing steadily for the past many years comes with some benefits. Older mothers are less likely to punish and scold their children while raising them, and the children have fewer behavioral, social and emotional difficulties, according to new research from Denmark. Having said that, the findings should be… Read more

Who’s been sleeping in your bed? If your child is waking you up at night wanting to climb under the covers with you, you could be missing out on the rest you need to handle your responsibilities at work and home. More importantly, it’s important for your child to develop the confidence to become more… Read more

The more hours young adults spend watching television each day, the greater the likelihood that they’ll have a higher body mass index and bigger waist circumference, according to a 15-year analysis by the University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health. The association was not seen in later years, suggesting that young adulthood is an… Read more