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Neurogliaform Cells Form In The Brain’s Preoptic Area

Scientists from the University of Geneva (UNIGE) have discovered a unique molecular factor allowing them to track, from birth to maturity, a homogeneous class of neurons called the neurogliaform cells. The results reveal for the first time the genesis and the development of these cells, opening new opportunities for the understanding of neuronal specificities and […]

Brain’s Visual Circuitry Sculpted By First Sights Babies See

Scientists have found more clues about what happens in the brains of baby mammals as they try to make visual sense of the world. The study in mice is part of an ongoing project in the lab of Spencer Smith, assistant professor of cell biology and physiology at the UNC School of Medicine, to map […]

Visual Cortex Has Effect On Eye Movement Plasticity

The visual cortex, a region of the brain known to process sensory information, plays a key role in promoting the plasticity of innate, spontaneous eye movements, a study has found. Researchers made the unexpected discovery by peering into the eyes of mice and tracking their ocular movements. Houmam Araj, Ph.D., a program director at the […]

Anatomical Cerebral Cortex Patterning Regulated By Genetic Factors

The extraordinarily homogeneous anatomical patterning of the brain’s cortex is controlled by genetic factors, suggests a new study by an international research consortium led by Chi-Hua Chen of the University of California, San Diego, and Nicholas Schork of the J. Craig Venter Institute. The human brain’s wrinkled cerebral cortex, which is responsible for consciousness, memory, […]

Thickness Of Grey Matter Predicts Ability To Recognize Faces And Objects

When you see a familiar face, when a bird-watcher catches a glimpse of a rare bird perched on a limb, or when a car-fancier spots a classic auto driving past, the same small region in the brain becomes engaged. For almost two decades, neuroscientists have known that this area, called the fusiform face area (FFA), […]