brain stimulation

Essential tremors are caused by overactive brain waves at the base of the brain, a new study from Columbia University Irving Medical Center and New York-Presbyterian suggests. The finding raises the possibility of treating the disorder with neuromodulation to calm the oscillations. “Past studies have identified changes in brain structure in people with essential tremor… Read more

This year, a Chinese patient known only as Mr Yan became a medical pioneer. He agreed to have electrodes surgically inserted into his brain, allowing his surgeon, by touching the screen of a simple tablet computer, to change the emotions that Yan feels. The treatment aims to help Yan conquer his methamphetamine addiction, but it… Read more

Brain technologies are all the rage these days. Entrepreneurs are selling wearable devices in the open marketplace with claims of benefits to memory, attention and concentration. Neurosurgeons and psychiatrists are exploring new ways and further developing old invasive ones to intervene in the brains of people with major mental illnesses whose conditions are resistant to… Read more

Brainwaves play a crucial role in inhibiting habitual thinking modes to pave the way to access more remote ideas, a new study shows. The researchers found that these brainwaves, or alpha oscillations in the right temporal area of the brain, increase when individuals need to suppress misleading associations in creative tasks. These obvious associations are… Read more