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How Bullying May Shape Adolescent Brains

In recent years, a steadily increasing volume of data has demonstrated that peer victimization — the clinical term for bullying — impacts hundreds of millions of children and adolescents, with the effects sometimes lasting years and, possibly, decades. The problem is even recognized as a global health challenge by the World Health Organization and the […]

Brain Network Structures Can Change Over Time

The connectivity and shape of brain networks — discrete areas of the brain that work together to perform complex cognitive tasks — can alter in fundamental and recurring ways over time, a study led by Georgia State University suggests. The researchers gathered functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) brain imaging data to develop pictures of network […]

Autism May Stem from Genetic Defect During Scaffolding Of Developing Brain

A gene mutation associated with autism spectrum disorders normally works to organize the scaffolding of brain cells called radial progenitors necessary for the orderly formation of the brain, report scientists from University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Medicine. The finding sheds light on the molecular details of a key process in brain […]

Music Helps To Build The Brains Of Very Premature Babies

Medical imaging reveals that the neural networks of premature infants who have listened to specially designed music, in particular a network involved in many sensory and cognitive functions, are developing much better, new research finds. Nearly 1 percent of children are born “very prematurely,” i.e. before the 32nd week of pregnancy. While advances in neonatal […]