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How yoga could help people see themselves in a better light is being investigated by researchers at the University of Minnesota School of Public Health. In their latest study, the researchers, led by professor Dianne Neumark-Sztainer, interviewed 46 young adults who practiced yoga at least 30 minutes a week, on average, over the past year… Read more

Individuals who have slender lower faces are 25 percent more likely to be left-handed, according to a study published this week by a dentistry researcher from the University of Washington. The surprising finding came from three surveys comprising 13,536 people in the United States. People having slender jaws commonly have a lower jaw that bites… Read more

Fitness experts see a variety of body image issues in their classes and gyms every day. They have important lessons about how people perceive their own bodies and the bodies of others. The way you view your body is important for overall health and fitness. Use these strategies to develop a positive body image and… Read more

In an era where the media projects warped pictures about body image, it can be difficult to be accepting of yourself. Do you look at what they call beautiful and compare it to your look? Is it any wonder that you end up developing an unhealthy body image? Now is the time to put aside… Read more