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Slightly Raised Blood Pressure In Middle Age May Raise Dementia Risk

People who had blood pressure above the ideal level – but below that used to diagnose high blood pressure – were more than a third more likely to get dementia, a long-running study of 8,639 British civil servants has found. The link between high blood pressure and dementia has been known for some time. It’s […]

Higher Blood Pressure Prior To Conception May Raise Miscarriage Risk

Increased blood pressure before becoming pregnant and early in pregnancy may heighten the risk of pregnancy loss, even if the woman doesn’t have a hypertension diagnosis, new research indicates. The study – which does not have a cause-and-effect conclusion – is the first to look at preconception blood pressure and reproductive outcomes in healthy women […]

Higher Blood Pressure Fluctuations Linked To Cognitive Declines

New research suggests that among older adults, greater long-term variation in blood pressure are linked to faster declines in brain and cognitive function. Researchers assesed results from 976 Chinese adults, 50% women, age 55 and or older, in the China Health and Nutrition Survey over a period of five years. Blood pressure variability was derived […]